being silent

i am being silent for most of time..i dont know why, that does not mean i am unable to talk or there are no any reasons behind be.. but i want to be silent. i understood being silent is a very good strategy to solve problem… There are lot of instances where people hurt me by words…but according to my knowledge, i hv never ever tries/attemt to repeat that back… some times i hv thought dat i should hv given nice word to keep dat person to shut his mouth…but i hv never ever done that…bec i am not prepaired to do so and at the same time i dont have enough emotional intelligence to repeat back like them.

My this attitute offen makes my self down a step. they think that i am weak and not aggresive. But in such a circumstances when i was hurt by words my mind says ‘sutha be quit….the time will answer those issues’ there is no need to answer by words where people cant understand us. So in those time, i simply leave the question to be answered by the time factor. I definitely know they will be answered one day.. because i hv enough confidence that i am going on a right track which is not hamlful to anyone.

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